What is wrong with Barbara Walters?

  On “The View” today the hot topic was about the IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of attempted rape.  Barbara Walters said that this was a case of “addiction”.  Is this because she is a “fan” of this man’s politics?  So many people excuse horrible behaviour when it is someone they really like.  I am sorry Ms Barbara Walters, but if these accusations are true, and I think they are, this is attempted rape, not an addiction problem.  If it was just some unknown guy, she would be crying rape, and sighting crime statistics.  She needs to retire.


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One Response to What is wrong with Barbara Walters?

  1. ira handwerker says:

    i find barbara walters and the rest of the cast of the view to be of very low intellect and surprised that it is on the air.. ive watched it on occasion when there is a worthwhile guest but the questions are always so pre meditated and boring i end up switching channels.. barbara who i never considered witty just needs to be put into pasture or do some needlepoint

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